structal for Learning loss

The latest literacy research shows that all students can benefit from support when they read something challenging. With COVID learning loss, more and more students have fallen behind in reading. Use structal to help them catch up.

Automatic support

With no additional work from teachers, students can get some extra help when they need it.

Students can have text read aloud, translation into another language, picture support, and simplified English definitions on anything digital they read.

Personalized vocabulary development

One-size-fits-all lists are boring for your students and tedious for teachers to teach.

structal maintains a personalized vocabulary list for each student based on where they asked for help with what they read. It also automatically turns that list into games for students to actively learn their vocabulary.

Build more confident students

Teachers using structal overwhelmingly report a growth in their students' confidence, especially when tackling difficult texts. Because students know they always have support, they can take on challenges without getting frustrated.

Address misunderstandings quicker

We've all been there, standing at the front of a class, desperately trying to figure out where the lesson went wrong.

structal's reports show teachers where student understanding broke down in easy to read reports, even if you weren't in class with them.

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