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Getting started with Structal is simple!

1. Add a reading

Choose a reading from the explore page or add your own reading.

You can even use AI to generate your own reading for a certain grade level and topic in just a couple of minutes!

2. Add your classes

If your district uses Google Classroom or Clever, click “Add all classes” here and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t have Google or Clever, click “Other” here and enter a class name. You will be given a link that’s specific to your class. Share this link with your students, and when they sign up with their school Google or Microsoft account, Structal will automatically add them to your class. No class codes or manually adding rosters!

3. Share link with your students

You’re ready to use Structal! Share the link to your newly created reading with your students. Click "Share" and then “Copy link” on the reading page and post the link in your LMS, or even just put it on your whiteboard.

The first time your students go to the link, they'll be asked to sign in with their school Google, Microsoft, or Clever account and then they'll be taken right to your reading.

Optional: Check out our Chrome Extension

Love the Structal supports and wish they worked on any website? Install the Chrome Extension.

More questions? Email support@structal.ai
We promise, you'll hear back! We love talking with teachers.