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What do I need to know about copyright and Structal?

Summary: You must take into account copyright when you upload content to Structal. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards copyright violation and may delete your account for infringement as described in our Terms of Service.

What is copyright?

Copyright makes sure that creators have the ability to support themselves from their creative works and define how their work is used. This gives them many rights, including the ability to decide how their work is reproduced and making "derivative works" that are based off of their original work.

What are the limits of copyright?

Works must be creative to be protected by copyright. Concepts, facts, ideas and processes are not subject to copyright.

Copyright is also limited by fair use. Every country has their own laws about what constitutes fair use. In the US, some uses of copyrighted material for teaching are covered by fair use, but it's important to get get legal advice before you upload copyrighted material.

What about articles I create using the generator?

Good news! Articles you create with the generator are yours and you hold the copyright to them. Per our terms of service, you give Structal an unlimited license to use the content you create so that we can help other teachers use your awesome articles with their students to build a love of reading!

Uploading copyrighted material and best practices to stay within fair use

If you upload copyrighted material to Structal, be sure that fair use applies or you have explicit permission to use the resource in this way from the author. For example, some authors give you explicit authorization to use a resource with all of your students, but not to share with anyone else. If this is the case, be sure you turn off the "Public" option when you upload the content.

To avoid copyright issues when using Structal:

  • Consider creating new, unique articles instead of copying
  • Put yourself in the creators shoes and don't upload content that could take revenue from them.

How to report copyright infringement?

As mentioned in our Terms of Service, we respond to copyright infringement claims in compliance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. If your copyrighted material has been uploaded to Structal without your permission, you can submit an infringement notification using the form below to copyright@structal.ai.

Before submiting a request, please be sure that it is your work and that fair use does not apply. Only the copyright holder or their authorized agent can submit a form.

Infringement Notice Form