structal for World Language

In addition to English, structal also supports learners of Spanish, French, and Italian! Help your students become more confident readers, learn more about your language's culture, and develop a stronger vocabulary.

Single word translations

Make it easier for students to do the right thing and only look up one word at a time instead of running to Google Translate.

Personalized vocabulary development

One-size-fits-all lists are boring for your students and tedious for teachers to teach.

structal maintains a personalized vocabulary list for each student based on where they asked for help with what they read. It also automatically turns that list into games for students to actively learn their vocabulary.

Make authentic resources easy

Authentic resources are incredible for helping your students understand the culture that your language comes from, but they can be hard for your learners, especially at the lower levels.

Since structal works on any digital resource, it helps your learners access all the great, relevant content you find without you needing to do additional prep.

Build more confident students

Teachers using structal overwhelmingly report a growth in their students' confidence, especially when tackling difficult texts. Because students know they always have support, they can take on challenges without getting frustrated.

Address misunderstandings quicker

We've all been there, standing at the front of a class, desperately trying to figure out where the lesson went wrong.

structal's reports show teachers where student understanding broke down in easy to read reports, even if you weren't in that students class with them.

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