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Give your students a fighting chance to hit their World Language proficiency target and find a love of learning in your World Language class.

Try out the AI-powered reading comprehension tool spun out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education by a former K-12 teacher and see the difference in your 2023-24 test scores and language proficiency levels. Structal supports Spanish, French, and Italian, and is the only application of its kind that has been tried and tested by current World Language teachers. Listening to what classroom teachers want is core to our mission. Join a great group of World Language teachers on structal and focus on what you love…your content and culture!

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Students need a lot of help with reading after COVID

Between learning lost during COVID, a decrease in students' confidence, and the incredible difficulty in teaching literacy skills at the secondary level, we’ve never seen a reading comprehension crisis like the one that exists today. As World Language teachers, you have the added challenge of teaching a new language to students who often lack grade-level vocabulary knowledge in their first language. With a record ⅔ of students unable to read at grade-level, we need innovative solutions before they fall even further behind.

Leverage a modern, AI-powered solution for the reading challenges of today’s student

Where other reading comprehension solutions end, structal is just getting started. structal not only allows students to look up words and hear text aloud in Spanish, French, Italian, and English, it surfaces personalized instructional insights in real-time using the latest literacy research. structal helps students make connections between world languages by bringing attention to cognates and reporting on the type of targeted instruction that will benefit students.

Automatically embed reading support into every reading activity and get back to doing what you love

The reading comprehension needs of our students are not only strenuous on the learner – they’re also demanding for the teacher. With structal, teachers can get back to teaching the material they’re passionate about with engaged, empowered, and excited students. structal embeds directly in any digital reading the student has (websites, PDFs, Google Docs) so you know they will always have support. With the teacher dashboard, teachers can easily diagnose student challenges to effectively and rapidly address student misunderstanding.

A priceless opportunity for students to discover joy in learning another language

It’s so much easier for students to get excited about school (and their future!) when they feel confident and competent in learning. Since structal embeds directly in any digital reading, students know they’ll always have assistance with their reading challenges and questions, boosting their confidence. In the student portal, students can play individualized vocabulary games based on the words they asked for help with using structal, giving them a chance to actively practice the vocabulary they need to learn – no more generalized lists.

Make incorporating authentic resources effortless

Authentic resources open up the cultures we teach about to students in a way that nothing else can. But because of all the prep work, it’s really hard to use updated and engaging materials. Once your students have structal, you won’t need to edit the authentic resources you find or chunk them for your novice students. structal’s automatic supports save you prep time, make your lessons more engaging for students, and bring more of the culture you teach into the classroom.

Loved by students and World Language teachers

structal successfully ran pilot programs across 6 districts and 2,000+ student users in the 2022-23 school year. Teachers overwhelmingly reported their students becoming more independent learners and no longer using Google Translate.

Some favorite ways we saw teachers use structal last year

  • Using the automatically generated word cloud in the teacher dashboard to:
    • discuss and decipher meaning by word roots, family of word, and grammar conjugations
    • immediately identify if students are having difficulties with content vocabulary
    • identify students who are still having difficulties with novice vocabulary
  • Creating custom supports for idiomatic expressions to allow students to understand them in context
  • Building a list of required content vocabulary to share across all teachers in the department to ensure that all students get the same exposure to that vocabulary

What students and teachers had to say

"I can now use authentic materials from the target language for my Novice to Intermediate learners without the need to edit it. structal allows the learners to differentiate for themselves. This way I focus on asking more challenging and thought-provoking questions that highlight culture." - Spanish Teacher
"Once again, thank you for this amazing program." - Italian Teacher
"Today my students and I were discussing things that have helped them this year and they mentioned Structal!" - Language Development Teacher
"My students have loved it so much, they even used it on their English class reading assignment of The Odessey" - Spanish Teacher
"I like that I no longer have to keep asking what a word means. It makes me feel way more confident." - Student

Resources to learn more

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