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Get your students the individual support they need as they read anything digital — websites, PDFs, and even Google Docs!

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Thank you for creating this awesome extension! It has been extremely helpful to my students. Now reading is no longer a dreadful activity.

- Nancy, New York, 25 year teaching veteran

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Spend less time prepping while supporting students better

structal highlights areas of texts where students might struggle and automatically creates supports on any PDF or website they read. No more spending valuable prep time on writing countless definitions or translating readings.

Fewer misunderstandings during class

Use less class time answering questions like "What does this word mean?" and "How do I say this word?" Since you're able to use class time more efficiently, you can better engage your students' critical thinking skills while still supporting struggling students.

Build more confident, self-directed students

By giving the students the tools they need to take ownership over their reading, such as getting a definition or translation, students learn to monitor their understanding of what they're reading and find answers to their questions.

When do my students use structal?

Group work

Focus your attention on working with one group, knowing that the rest of your groups still have support.

Independent work

Ensure struggling students can understand what they read when they're working alone so they can be successful and build confidence.


Help students tackle homework assignments when you won't be there to answer questions.

What students benefit most from structal?

English Learners

Vocabulary supports and translations help your students build their English skills while leveraging their primary language.

Students with IEPs

The ability to hear words read aloud and get definitions for tough words keeps your students with IEPs from falling behind.

World language

structal supports reading in Spanish, French, and Italian in addition to English.

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