Using with Google Docs

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A full integration with Google Docs is a complicated and large undertaking. We hope to fully integrate with Google Docs in the future!

Workaround for Google Docs

To use structal with a Google Doc now, you can use the "Publish to Web" feature. To publish to the web use the following steps:

  1. On your Google Doc, click the "File" menu.
  2. In the "File Menu", hover over the "Share" submenu.
  3. In the "Share" submenu, click the "Publish to web" option.
  4. Click the "Publish" button.
  5. Click "OK" in the "Are you sure you want to publish this selection?" confirmation box.
  6. Share the newly created link with your students and they will be able to use structal! They can then switch back and forth between that link and their copy of the doc for editing.

Thanks for reading!