Use the class dashboard

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Summary: Visit the class dashboard, refresh throughout class

The class dashboard

Each of your classes has its own class dashboard. To access these dashboards, visit this page and click "Dashboard >". These dashboards give you useful insights into how your students are doing with their reading.

Changing the time frame

Using the drop down in the upper right corner of the class dashboard, you can change the time frame you are looking at. Choose an option from the dropdown and then click "Update" and you will see the reports change below.

To update the reports during class, click the refresh button next to the class' name or reload the page.


If you are not seeing any data showing up in the reports, make sure your students have your class selected in the settings menu for the Chrome Extension. This menu pops open when they activate the structal extension by clicking on the icon.

The reports

Top highlights: The first report you will notice, is the word cloud. This word cloud consists of the 50 most highlighted words for your students during the selected time frame.
Teachers have used this to address misunderstandings during class, plan their next lessons, and have open ended discussions with their students about the patterns they see.

Students with most highlights: Below the word cloud on the left is a report showing who has highlighted the most words for that time frame.
This could help you identify the students who are "silently struggling" in your class.

Student questions: Below the word cloud on the right is a report showing all the questions students have asked about the reading. NOTE: With early users, we have seen that students have not used this feature much, and will be switching the question asking feature to an annotation feature in the near future.

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