Unblock the extension with IT

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Summary: Ask IT to approve the extension, make sure that structal is not blocked by a firewall

What to do

This article has lots of technical details, so don't feel the need to read the other sections. They are to help your IT administrators if they need it; feel free to send this article to them.

As the teacher, you can verify that the extension has been unblocked by opening the structal settings popup. If you still see a red message saying the extension is blocked, it has not been unblocked yet. If the structal scaffolds load on your article, and you don't see the red message, it has been unblocked.

Have IT unblock the extension

If you're seeing the blocked message, your IT administrator likely has the ability to manage what extensions you can download. They will need to approve structal for you to use it. If your IT admin needs help with this, or is unsure about what to do, you can send along this article that walks them through the process.

Make sure it is not blocked by a firewall

Some schools have firewalls or content security policies (don't worry, your IT admin will know what those are), that prevent extensions and other websites with Javascript from working. Make sure that your IT administrator has approved Javascript that loads at "https://structal.ai" and "https://api.structal.ai".

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