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Do my students really need a tutor?

2/3 of students can't read grade-level text by the end of high school*

Reading plays an important role in every subject in every grade

Students improve their reading skills by reading difficult text with support

Your students' biggest obstacle to success in your class may actually be their reading comprehension.

*U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics. (2022). 2022 Reading Assessment. National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Like a good tutor, Structal...

Anticipates student struggles

Based on the latest reading research, Structal highlights areas of the text students might struggle with and provides them with support when they hover over one of the highlights.

Allows students to ask questions

Students can click on any word in what they’re reading to see support, like a definition, translation, or hear the word read aloud.

Works with whatever you teach

You can use the readings you already love or generate a new one in a couple of minutes about whatever topic you can dream up, at whatever grade level you want.

How do I know this will work?

Teacher created

Our founder is a former 6th grade ELA teacher and every feature we’ve built has been in collaboration with the educators currently using Structal in their classroom


Every feature we’ve built is also based on interventions from research studies that demonstrate their effectiveness.

Real results

Last school year, students using Structal showed a 66% growth in their vocabulary and 100% of teachers reported an increase in student confidence.

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