Student Troubleshooting

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Summary: The following are things students might say if they're having trouble using the product and how to address them.

"The supports aren't loading" / "This doesn't work"

Make sure the students have activated the extension by clicking the structal icon .

Whenever they visit a new page, they will need to activate the extension. If they don't see the supports show up somewhere, they may need to activate the extension again, since some websites (like Kami) load content when the user scrolls.

This is the most key thing to know and to tell the students.

"I don't see your custom supports"

Make sure the student has been added to your class on the class dashboard page. Also, make sure that the student is logged into their Chrome browser.

If they've done both of these things, make sure that they have your class selected in the settings menu that pops up when you click the structal icon .

"I can't open pdfs from my Google Drive"

Make sure that the student has connected structal to their Google Drive.

Students do this by clicking the "Connect to Google Drive" button in the settings menu that pops up when you click the structal icon.

If a student clicks this button and says nothing happened, check behind their browser window for the "Connect to Google Drive" window. If the student clicked the button many times, sometimes the "Connect to Google Drive" window opens behind their other windows.

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