Quick Start

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Summary: Sign up for a teacher account, download the extension, set up your class, have students download the extension

Step 1: Sign up for a teacher account

Visit the sign up page to create a teacher account.

Step 2: Download the structal Chrome Extension

Visit the structal extension page to download the Chrome Extension.

For more information about what the extension does, see this article about using the Chrome Extension.

Step 3: Setup your class

Visit the class setup page to create your classes. If you use Google Classroom, your students will be added to your class automatically when you import your classes. If you do not, you will get a course code for your students to join your class.

For more information, see this in depth article on the class setup process.

Step 4: Have your students download the extension

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Student Download: Have your students visit the the structal extension page to download the Chrome Extension. This method allows you to get started the quickest.
  2. OR

  3. IT Push: Ask IT to push the Chrome Extension to your students. Each school usually has a different process for this, so you should contact your IT person for specifics. If they need more information from us, just contact support@structal.ai. This method could be easier for your students, but usually takes longer.

Step 5: Have your students start using structal!

That's it! Your students should be ready to use structal.

We recommend doing a quick mini-lesson with your students to teach them how to use the extension and to make sure they are set up properly. You can use this article with GIFs to help show them how to use the extension.

Thanks for reading!