Get your class started

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Summary: Sign up for a teacher account, add your classes, have your students install the extension

Step 1: Setup your teacher account

Visit here to sign up for your account.

If you want to be able to import classes from Google Classroom, make sure you sign up with your school Google account.

Step 2: Add your classes

Visit here to setup your classes.

If you have Google Classroom:
You will see a section that says "Add from Google Classroom." Click on that section, select all classes you want to add to structal, and click "Add classes." Your students will automatically be added to your class.

To add classes manually:
At this time, even if you do not have Google Classroom, your students must have a school Google/GSuite account to use structal. You will see a section that says "Add manually". Click on that section, enter a name for the class, and click "Add clasess." When you are brought to your class list, click on the class you just created. You'll see that class has a "Class Code", which your students will enter to be added to your class.

Step 3: Have students install the Chrome Extension

If you have Google Classroom:
Have your students visit this link to download the Chrome Extension.
Check to make sure your students are logged into their Chrome Browser (if they need help, have them visit this link). As long as your students are signed in to their Chrome Browser with their school account, they will automatically be logged into structal.

If you added your class manually:
If they don't have accounts yet, have your students sign up for structal with their school Google account here. Next, have your students join your class here using the course code you got when you created the class. Then, have your students download the Chrome Extension here.

Step 4: Have students read the tutorial

When your students download the extension, an intro tutorial will pop up (you can find that tutorial here). Have them go through that tutorial.

Since I was a teacher too, and I know that some of your students aren't going to read that tutorial, here are the key points:

  • To activate the extension, click on the icon
  • Once the extension is activated, you'll see the automatic supports show up as highlights.
  • For students to see word definitions, hear a word out loud, and see a translation, they can highlight or double click a word, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Make sure your students have your class selected in the structal settings menu.

Thanks for reading!